Yukarı Kaleköy Dam and HEPP

Yukarı Kaleköy Dam and HEPP, which is built by Kalehan Kale Enegy Generation Co., Inc. 50% of which is owned by Özaltın Construction, owns the title of the biggest dam project realized by private sector in Turkey.

The dam, being completed by 90% by January 2017 is planned to produce energy by June 2018.

Client Kalehan Kale Energy Generation Co., Inc. Contractor Joint Venture (Özaltın %50)
Location Bingöl River Fırat
Type Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Purpose of the Project Energy
Body Volume (RCC) 2.474.000 m3 Gross Head 132,5 m
Reservoir Volume 738,8 x 106 m3 Height from Foundation 150 m
Height from Riverbed 137,5 m Crest Length 516,42 m
Number of Diversion Tunnels 2 (Left Bank) Length of Diversion Tunnels T1: 856,78 m, T2: 951,49 m
Inner Diameter of Diversion Tunnel 9,50 m (Each) Design Discharge of Spillway 8.777 m3/sec
Installed Capacity 626,85 MW Number of Units 4
Annual Power Generation 1.504,71 GWh Excavation Volume 4.200.000 m3
Conventional Concrete Volume 700.000 m3 - -